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Kурсове за ученици в АВО

30 години езиков и изпитен център АВО

Защо АВО е най-добрият избор за Вашето дете?

  • над 30-годишна традиция, опит и международно акредитирано високо качество на преподаване
  • Подготовка в час за отлично представяне на изпитите на Кеймбридж
  • Екип преподаватели англичанин и българин в клоновете ни през учебната година
  • Групи, съставени от връстници, които владеят езика на същото ниво
  • Варианти за посещение, които се вписват във всеки личен график: сутрин или следобед; веднъж или два пъти седмично 
  • Възможност за избор между традиционна или онлайн класна стая
  • Онлайн платформа, предоставяща възможността oт удобството на Вашия дом или офис: 
    • да запишете детето си за курс или за изпит на Кеймбридж
    • да следите актуална информация относно: преподаден материал, домашна работа, отсъствия, текущо оценяване
    • да имате достъп до допълнителни онлайн учебни материали
  • Безопасността на децата е наш приоритет



A letter to a future AVO student

Dear, dear future student,

I wish I could be you because if I were you, I would be at the beginning and not at the End of this course.

If you are wondering how I personally felt during these last months,
This is what I am going to say to you:

When a moment comes where a doubt makes its way in your head,

Your teacher will smile and say:

Don’t worry, it’s OK.

When nothing seems a good result and there is no feeling of achievement,

Your teacher will smile and say:

Don’t worry, it’s OK.

The path is always with ups and downs, but still don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Practise more and with practice the result will come as no surprise. Just love the ride. Be patient and get your homework done. Do more and more again. Ask questions, as Many as you can.

Don’t worry if it’s unclear yet again Because learning is a process and you’ll master all at the end. And this is not at all what you can only get, since you’ll find out even something about Yourself, something about your family and friends, some thoughts and feelings. Maybe some personal strengths. And they will keep you going no matter where you want to go.

So good luck from me,
And Adieu

Elisaveta Ventsislavova – level C1
Teacher– L. Damyanova


I came as a new student at AVO 10 years ago. I was super scared about what was going to happen. I felt like I was being lowered into the ocean alone, without a float and without being able to swim. Soon I realized that all my worries were unnecessary.

What I can say about the atmosphere in the classroom is that it is extremely cozy and calm.There are no more than 10-12 children in each group, therefore there is time for everyone to speak or to ask questions.

It's time for my favorite part - the teachers. In these 10 years, believe me, I have changed many teachers and I can say I adore all of them - especially the native speakers. I do not remember any AVO teacher ever yelling at me or being rude or unfair. They have even forgiven me sometimes for being without homework or books, for which I am very grateful. They turn learning into a game; they always manage to predispose their students and make them feel like their friends.

I learned a lot from AVO and I still continue to study. I make the most of my classes by trying to understand and remember everything. I am extremely happy to be part of AVO, because it has opened the door to new knowledge and many opportunities.

See you soon

Julia Vladimirova – level B2
Teacher S.Nickolova

Hello, future AVO student!

Excited about the upcoming AVO classes? As an almost “retired” AVO student (since my last year in AVO is nearly over), I’m happy to tell you more about what to expect from these wonderful English lessons, which are awaiting you.

I’ve been studying at AVO for eight years so far and I must tell you that this long period has never felt tedious. The atmosphere there’s really enjoyable. Almost every single student I’ve met there was kind and optimistic. You’ll definitely get along with your classmates and you’ll most likely make friends. As for the teachers, I’m not exaggerating, but all of them are so competent and make their lessons the most pleasant you’ve ever had. You’ll switch teachers almost every semester, but that should not worry you, because you’ll get to know each other from the very start and in the end, you’ll be glad to have met them.

You’ll play games, everything will be explained to you with patience, and I guarantee that after a while you’ll be fluent in English without stressing out in the way you do at school. To be honest, I’ve never spent a lot of time poring over textbooks at home to learn the material, because I’ve always found the classes at AVO sufficient to understand the material (an exception is CAE, because this level’s much harder).

I’m sure you’ll like AVO as much as I do.
Wishing you the best for every step in this AVO journey,
Teodora Karakasheva – level C1
Teacher A.Vitanova

Dear future AVO student,

I’m writing this letter because you need to know what to expect on your first day.

The teachers will all talk in English no matter what. You also have to speak in English to practice.

Most of the teachers let you play educational games which are fun.

Every term you get a new teacher and you get different types of teaching.

Over all it is very helpful and you learn everything you need to. So when you come here to learn English you will enjoy it. There is no need to be afraid.

I’m sure you’ll love it here.

With best wishes,

Katerina Gesheva-level B1
Teacher Simon Hadley

Ever since the beginning of time, people have tried many ways to avoid any of their duties. For students like me these duties are probably studying for an exam or a test. Kids these past years have come up with unbelievably complex plans and strategies only to avoid studying. For example, they write information on separate sheets of paper order to use them and cheat during the exam. Another thing they do is take out their phones, where they have the answers.

During my years of getting attending classes in AVO, I have had several similar encounters. In all English centers, they would watch the students closely to make sure they would not cheat and believe me when I tell you, that AVO is special. In my third year of being there, while I was taking my final exam, I suddenly heard a voice tell me the answer that I have been wondering for quite a while. When we got the results back, I was deeply shocked because my answer was correct.

When I told my friends about that, they ridiculed me. However, I did not let that stop me. The next time I went in AVO I looked around but sadly found nothing. On my way out, I heard the voice again. I looked up the wall I was next to and saw the AVO magical tree, drawn on the facade. It suddenly smiled and told me to study hard to achieve greatness. Since then I have had multiple talks with the tree. It shared with me many other stories.

Iskra Boyanova – level B2
Teacher S.Nickolova


The first thing I would like to say to those of you who have decided to sign up in Avo is that in front of you await many unforgettable moments, a lot of endless friendships and countless fun lessons of studying of English.

No matter how good you are, there are groups for every student and many levels you can cover, getting better and better. Moving forward to the higher levels and chasing the hardest parts of the language, you start to feel more comfortable and confident in speaking with someone else and see all the opportunities this gives you.

However, some people out there still hesitate whether to take part in those lessons. I was just like them, only one thing is true for sure - those who benefit from all that are the people who are determined to participate in activities like that and do not waste their time.

My advice to the future students at Avo is to think and understand how important this is for them and also not to forget the fun moments they will experience.

Good luck and see you soon!

Martin Alexandrov - Level B2
Teacher S.Nickolova

Dear Steve,

As we all know English is one of the most spoken languages among us nowadays and mastering it provides numerous opportunities for one’s career, future and social life. Of course, learning a new language is difficult and time-consuming, but you will see that AVO manages to make it seem entertaining and almost effortless.

AVO is one of the largest language centers in Sofia and is made to help students all around the world improve their everyday English skills, while also preparing them for the formal Cambridge University Exams. Following the most modern, adaptive and amusing methods, AVO helps students of all ages discover their passion for the language, as well as create opportunities and new friendships. The teachers working there are extremely professional and experienced, but also very amiable and understating of their students, making each one feel comfortable and welcome. Boredom would be the last thing you would experience while studying at AVO, since you will always be surrounded by pleasant classmates, with whom you will play many different games, gain a huge amount of knowledge and share laughs and positive emotions.

I have personally been an AVO student for several years and I have never been disappointed with my teachers, classmates, or any previous experiences. Ever since I came here, I have significantly improved my language skills and created new friendships that exist to this day. I have also prepared for the Cambridge exam and personally feel much more confident in succeeding. If I had to describe AVO in one word, it would be promising.

In conclusion, I can assure you that you will have a good time in AVO, and you will be grateful for choosing it.

Wish you all the best,

Pavel Dimitrov – level C1
Teacher S.Nickolova

Dear future AVO student,

First and foremost, welcome to AVO! I’m here to tell you about the joys of this wonderful establishment and what you could expect to see in the future.

Unlike most schools, AVO prides itself in its creativity, simplicity and understanding the needs of the students. The colourful textbooks, the teachers with a great sense of humour and the different types of students you meet here cannot be found anywhere else. In here you will not only find the treasure of knowledge, but you will also forge friendships that may last an eternity. With every new class, a new adventure is on the horizon! You will learn the language through exercises and tests, but you will also hear stories of different individuals or societies, like the Cloud Appreciation Society or the community of people, who call themselves brolliologists (I’ll let you figure that one out for yourself, it is a whole journey of its own).

For me personally, AVO has been a one-of-a-kind experience. Not only had I learned the language, but I was also taught valuable communication skills and teamwork. For example, in online strategy games, I can coordinate with my team in fluent English, something I wouldn’t have known how to do if it wasn’t for my high level of speaking abilities.

In the end, I recommend AVO because of the people you will meet here and the unique experiences you will have.

Best of luck,

Valentin Krumov – level C1
Tacher S.Nickolova

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В традиционна
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Учим английски в сигурната среда на своя дом
Участваме активно в часа, НЕ СМЕ пасивни слушатели
Слушаме, четем, пишем в клас
Говорим с останалите от групата и с нашия преподавател НА ЖИВО
Работим по двойки и групи, докато преподавателят ни наблюдава
Подобряваме комуникативните си умения и преподавателят ни коригира в час
Имаме достъп до разнообразни учебни ресурси, които ни помагат да учим по-добре
Играем игри и се забавляваме заедно в час
Пътуваме до АВО

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